A Definitive Guide On Where To Apply Bronzer

With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, now is the time to ditch winter’s dreary pallor and showcase some gorgeous, shimmering skin instead. There’s a caveat though! No sun was used to achieve this desirable look.

How’s that going to work, you’re thinking. After all, we’re all striving for that healthy, youthful, vibrant glow. But, with greater awareness about harmful UV rays, it’s more about slapping on the SPF than sunbathing these days. The question is, how exactly can you get the sun kissed look without causing irreparable damage to your complexion?

Thankfully, with the help of skincare makeup super brand, Jane Iredale UK, it’s easier than you think!

Who is Jane Iredale?

If you’ve not been introduced yet, it might surprise you to hear that Jane and her team have been grafting incredibly hard for almost 25 years, perfecting her clean beauty brand.

Let me assure you that you’ll utterly love her ‘must-have’ mineral makeup line, favoured by the A-list. And for good reason too. There’s no doubt that this brand is disrupting the beauty industry, left, right and centre. Why? Because with Jane, her focus is on creating products that are mindful and ethical without compromising on premium quality.

What is Clean Makeup?

One of the pillars of Jane Iredale’s refreshing philosophy is that ingredients which might have the potential to harm or irritate the skin are excluded from her formulations. That means you’ll never see parabens or talc listed on her product labels. Instead, her team have researched, and utilised other preservative systems as well as avoiding the use of synthetic fragrance or colouring.

It’s not only the ingredients that are a consideration either. Jane’s team are passionate about being eco-conscious and, at every step of the creation process, they ask what impact their brand’s actions will have on animals, the environment, and the community. They plant consciously and have become community advocates, sponsoring a farmer’s market for 6 months of the year too.

What is Bronzer?

Bronzer is a form of make-up, normally in the mode of a cream, liquid or powder that’s applied to the skin to give it colour and shine.

Bronzers come in varying shades, so opt for one that matches your skin type and preference. For paler skin, you might wish to go for a lighter  bronzer otherwise it’ll look less natural. The darker your skin type or suntan, the darker the bronzer your skin will be able to take without it looking unnatural. The main thing is that it should enhance your skin, illuminating a natural, healthy glow.

TheJane Iredale’s refillable bronzer, available in 4 gorgeous options:

  • Moonglow Golden Bronzer–warm golden shades
  • Rose Dawn Bronzer–cool pink/bronze shades
  • Sunbeam Bronzer–luminous pink/copper shades
  • Peaches & Cream Bronzer–warm peachy pink shades
Moonglow Golden Bronzer–warm golden shades

Each bronzer holds four luxurious light-diffusing shades that blend in perfect harmony and can be mixed and matched depending on your mood and preference. Packaged within a classy, silver mirrored, refillable compact, this is one piece of kit that you won’t mind pulling from the depths of your handbag. And when it runs out, you can purchase a bronzer refill and pop it into the compact, reducing the amount of waste and prolonging the product’s life-cycle. Guilt free shopping at its best!

How To Apply Bronzer

Once you’ve applied your base makeup, whichever combination of foundation, concealer, primer, BB Cream, tinted moisturiser, and loose powder you use, you can now turn your attention to bronzer. If you use blusher and bronzer, do the bronzing first then apply a little blush afterwards, carefully blending it into the bronzer.

Where To Apply Bronzer

Use a powder brush to apply the bronzer and lightly sweep along the areas where you would usually tan. This would include over the tops of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose and along the hairline at the top of the forehead. You can also apply a little to the chin and neck too if you’d like.

Start off lightly and build up to your preferred colour gently.It’s all about softly contouring and accentuating your facial features.

Now you’ve nailed the bronzing, you can move onto eyes and lips or if you prefer a more natural look, you’ll already be good to go!