How To Apply Mascara To Lengthen Lashes

They say eyes are the window to the soul, so you want your lashes to be as beautiful as possible because your soul is amazing!

Eyelashes help to frame your face and they have the power to transform your make-up from day to night. In one quick step, a great mascara will frame and open your eyes and darken the edges.

In this article, you will find out how to apply your mascara as well as the best product recommendations.

How To Apply Mascara

It seems self-explanatory to apply mascara. Simply open the tube, apply it, and carry on with your day. But if it's so simple, why is it so difficult to get your lashes to appear flawless every time?

You're bound to make errors and become quite agitated when working with a beauty product as pigmented and untidy as mascara and working in a space as small as your lash line.

Here are out tips for lengthening lashes with mascara:

1. Start at Base And Look Up

Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes, let them dry, and then, if necessary, move on to your lower lashes.

In order to reach the root of your lashes, start by looking upward and then start slowly blinking. Make deliberate strokes with your brush as you extend it upward from the base to the end of your lashes.

Be careful not to push your applicator too close to the lashline, to avoid those annoying smudges on your lid..

2. Begin in the Middle of the Eye

You want the impact to be on the middle of your lashes because that is where it will be most obvious. The first few strokes of your mascara wand will have the biggest impact on your lashes.

The tiny lashes in the corners of your eyes can be reached with the leftover mascara on your wand without creating clumps.

3. Wiggle Brush Back and Forth

 By holding your mascara wand at the base of your lashes and gently wiggling it back and forth while pulling the mascara up the length of your lashes, you can add definition and lift.

When trying to add volume to the bottom lashes, you should avoid wiggling your brush because it tends to merely make those lashes clump.  

4. Angle Strokes Outward

Apply mascara with an angle so that the strokes point outward toward the corners of your eyes. This can give the appearance of longer lashes and give a more dramatic appearance.

Using the tip of the brush to apply mascara to the outer corners of your eyes will help define those lashes and make them appear longer, particularly if you draw the brush in an angled, outward manner.

The Best Lengthening Mascara

Jane Iredale mascara makes the dream of naturally long and voluminous lashes a reality.

The PureLash® Lengthening Mascara has been formulated to give you longer, fuller-looking lashes. It also has a unique blend of Seaweed Lipids and Wheat Protein that will thicken, curl and strengthen your lashes. You can throw your false lashes away and carry this trusted mascara with you, wherever you go.


Lengthening Mascara

As well as lengthening, this is a conditioning mascara that contains panthenol to give your lashes a boost of hydration, which will help to stop splitting or breakage. You don't need to have been born with dramatically long and full lashes to be able to get your desired look. It is all about the products you use and knowing how to apply them correctly.

Remember less is always more, and you don’t need to apply more than two coats of mascara to give your lashes a natural appearance.